Upcoming IROS Workshop:
Mechanisms and Design: from Inception to Realization

Location: visit the following website for Zoom meeting registration:



  • Submission deadline: Oct 4, 2020

  • Notification of acceptance: Oct 9, 2020

  • Workshop: Oct 29, 2020, New York Time (EST)


Mechanisms and design are critical to many advances in various fields of robotics. Still, many aspects of the design process are often left out of the reports on the work (like publications and presentations), which focus almost exclusively on the final iteration and its performance. Instead of focusing exclusively on a particular research advancement (i.e., facts or final results), presentations and contributions will center on the process of design (i.e., wisdom) as fundamental to many areas, and illustrate it through multiple novel mechanisms and robots at the leading edge of state of the art.

This workshop aims to provide its audience an instructive view into the complete design process of some of the most successful of today's robots, from inception to realization. Invited speakers and contributors will present their work, starting from the original idea that sparked the process, through multiple design iterations (including failed prototypes and lessons learned), and finally arriving at the "demo unit". The workshop will illustrate this process in multiple domains.