Goals within 3 and 6 years

As a TC, we have the following near-term (within 3 years) goals:

  • Create an informative webpage for the TC
  • Form the TC community through email solicitations
  • Develop close relationships with industry by co-sponsoring events with the TC Industry Co-Chairs and developing new types of mutually-beneficial activities such as “Technology Tutorials” (industry representatives teaching academic researchers how to utilize new products/technologies).
  • Write a RAM Tutorial/Editorial on “Writing an Effective Robot Design Paper”
  • Special Issues in Robotics Journals
  • Workshops/Invited Sessions at ICRA/IROS

Longer-term Goals (6+ years):

  • Form connections with the ASME Mechanisms and Robotics Community
  • Co-sponsored IEEE RAS/ASME M&R workshops/conferences
  • Establish editorial representation of the topic in major RAS publications (appropriate keywords, editors with background in the area)
  • Next generation of TC Chairs identified and integrated