Mechanisms and Design: from Inception to Realization



  • Submission deadline: Oct 4, 2020

  • Notification of acceptance: Oct 9, 2020

  • Workshop: Oct 29, 2020, New York Time (EST)

ICRA 2020 - Best Paper Award in Robot Mechanisms and Design

This award was presented at ICRA2020 to Shenli Yuan, Austin Epps, Jerome Nowak, and Kenneth Salisbury, for their paper titled, "Design of a Roller-Based Dexterous Hand for Object Grasping and Within-Hand Manipulation". Thanks to Moog Inc., the sponsor of the award.


ICRA 2019 - Best Paper Award in Robot Mechanisms and Design

This award was presented at ICRA2019 to Carl John Salaan, Kenjiro Tadakuma, Yoshito Okada, Yusuke Sakai, Kazunori Ohno, and Satoshi Tadokoro, for their paper titled "Development and Experimental Validation of Aerial Vehicle with Passive Rotating Shell on Each Rotor". Thanks to Moog Inc., the sponsor of the award.


Call for Papers: Focused Section on Design and Control of Hydraulic Robots - IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics (IF: 3.427)

deadline: 1st October 2015

Hydraulic robots have recently pushed the state of the art in robotics by demonstrating new levels of performance in terms of rough terrain locomotion, balance, speed, dexterity and robustness (e.g. Boston Dynamics/Google's robots, SARCOS Raytheon's humanoids and exoskeletons, but also academic efforts such as IIT's HyQ, Shandong University's SCalf etc). Inspired by these results, an increasing number of academic groups are (re-)discovering hydraulic actuation for applications where a high power density, robustness and high control bandwidth are crucial requirements.

The main objective of this Focused Section is to report on the most recent advances in the field of hydraulic high-performance robots and actuators with a special focus on their design and control. We are looking for original contributions covering topics including:

* Mechatronics design of legged robots and manipulator arms with hydraulic actuation

* Mechatronics design of compact hydraulic actuators and power systems for robotic systems

* Mechatronics design of rehabilitation devices with hydraulic actuation

* Model-based position and force controller for hydraulic actuators

* Whole body control, balancing and rough-terrain locomotion of hydraulic legged robots

* Agile, highly dynamic and dexterous motions of hydraulic robots

* Solutions towards energy efficient hydraulic actuation

* Hydro-static transmissions and novel solutions with magneto-rheological fluids

For details on submission instructions, schedule, and guest editors, please read the official call on the TMECH website.

This Focused Section is supported by the IEEE-RAS Technical Committee on Mechanisms and Design. Best regards from the guest editors:

Jouni Mattila, Tampere Univ. of Technology, Finland (leading guest editor) Claudio Semini, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Italy

Jonas Buchli, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Sang-Ho Hyon, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Perry Li, University of Minnesota, USA

Hyungpil Moon, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

Bin Yao, Purdue University, USA

Social event and Industry Mixer at ICRA 2015 (28/May/2015)

TAfter a successful kick-off social event at IROS, we will have our second social for the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Mechanisms and Design at ICRA in Seattle next week. The event will be held on Thursday night (May 28) at 7pm at the Tap House Grill (1 block away from the convention center, at 1506 6th Ave). We will have heavy hors d'oeuvres and free drinks for TC members (and new members can "join" on-site). The event will also feature great opportunities to socialize with folks from top robotics industry companies (we currently have confirmation from reps from iRobot, Barrett Technology, MOOG, Kiva, and Optoforce, among others). Please come to talk, bring newcomers, and help us figure out great new ways to make connections between our academic and industrial members. We hope to see you in Seattle!

Workshop at ICAR 2015

The TC on Mechanisms and Design is co-sponsoring a workshop at the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR 2015):

Compliance Control in Legged Locomotion: Active vs Passive

Workshops and Tutorials at ICRA 2015

The TC on Mechanisms and Design is co-sponsoring three workshops/tutorials at ICRA 2015:

Benchmarking in Manipulation Research: The YCB Object and Model Set

Challenges and Strategies in the Design and Control of Upper Extremity Exoskeletons

Soft Robotics: Actuation, Integration, and Applications - Blending Research Perspectives for a Leap Forward in Soft Robotics Technology


Kick-off social event at IROS 2014 (17/September/2014)

The TC Kickoff social event will take place at IROS 2014 on Wednesday night (9/17) at 7pm (directly after the farewell party). We have reserved a private room downstairs. We will provide TC members (you can join on-site!) with dinner (Chicago-style deep-dish pizza) and a free drink ticket (with cash bar available). This event is mostly designed to get members of the Robot Mechanisms and Design research community to interact socially, and will have a few brief words from the TC Co-Chairs. We will also have a “deep-dish design competition” – groups of up to four will be given 15 minutes and two slices of pizza (with a few additional materials) to construct the best mechanism they can – with the winners being forever immortalized on the TC website (and free drinks for the rest of the evening). Please spread the word to others that you think may be interested in this event. Location: Pizano’s Pizzeria 61 East Madison St. (2 blocks from the conference – between North Wabash and North Garland)7pm – ask for “Robot Mechanisms and Design” group We look forward to seeing you there!