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Robot Mechanisms and Design

You've reached the homepage of the Technical Committee on Mechanisms and Design, part of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. The TC seeks to bring together researchers with interest in innovative mechanical hardware in robotic systems in order to share knowledge, standardize practices/procedures, and raise the profile of the exciting new work being done in robot mechanisms and design. Additionally, we seek to establish strong ties to the robotics and robotic components industries to facilitate technology transfer, educate researchers on new available technologies, approaches, and standards, and help anchor research approaches to commercial needs and market viability. Please go to the about and leadership pages for more information about the TC and its leadership.

One of the major roles of the TC is to foster the community through events and activities. As such, check out the events page for a list of upcoming and past activities sponsored by or related to the TC, and consider sponsoring your own! Contact the Co-Chairs if you would like the TC to sponsor a workshop, tutorial, organized session, or special issue, and we would be happy to work with you and write a letter of support. We are also interested in publicizing other activities that would be of interest to the TC membership through the webpage and listserv or otherwise encouraging and engaging members of the TC in its leadership.

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In order to have an active TC group, we need volunteers to help organize events, sponsor workshops, tutorials and special issues, and otherwise take initiative. Please contact the TC Chairs if you are interested in getting involved.